Rose quartz threader 14K Gold on Silver Earrings

Rose quartz threader 14K Gold on Silver Earrings

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◘ 14K Gold Plated Sterling Silver Chain
◘ 14K Gold Filled Wire Loop
◘ Natural Rose quartz beads (about 3-5mm diameter)
◘ Handmade, superior quality and ethically sourced

Ethical, minimalist and truly elegant - Rose quartz set with the highest quality gold threader earring, perfect everyday jewellery that will turn heads. It's soft pink will fill you and those around you with love!

These elegant earrings feature natural Rose quartz chips that have been set with a gold threader earring. The chips measure approximately 3mm - 5mm high and wide and each earring contain 6. These are truly elegant and minimalist and exude a beautiful alluring confidence!

Known as the 'Love Stone', Rose Quartz has been used for centuries to promote fertility, gentleness and love. In Reiki, it is sometimes used to reset the Heart Chakra and bring about feelings of relaxation and ease

All jewellery comes boxed.